My little world

Life? What’s that?!

Me and my dear partner moved today to a different flat at our university's dormitory in order to have place to live during summer. He went then home and now I am sitting in a room which is completely new to me. Of course, it is full of our things and neccessities, but it somehow… Continue reading Life? What’s that?!

My little world

As time goes…

Dear readers and followers, how is it going in 2017 so far? Does this year seem better to you than the previous one? (Well, it is still in its beginning, I know...)  I wanted to make a post about my trip to Chania here in Crete (yep, I am still there on my Erasmus+ exchange!),… Continue reading As time goes…

My little world

About Christmas

December will soon clap on our front doors and majority of us will start thinking about Christmas time, baking, presents, atc. (Or maybe many people are thinking about these things already, who knows?) Let's now stop the "witer-celebration-preparations" for a while and talk about the present appearance of Christmas itself. Do you like Christmas? Well, who… Continue reading About Christmas