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Summer thoughts

Hi everyone! 🙂

First of all: wow, this blog has 10 followers now! Thanks so much for your support guys 🙂

How is it going in July? Is it also soooo hot in your countries as in the Czech republic? Well, the temperature is comfortable right now, but yesterday I had to travel for more than 2 hours and I felt exhausted at the end…

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Few days later me and my loved one decided to do a short trip in the national park Podyjí in the southern Moravia. We almost get boiled in the hot weather 😀 However, we enjoyed the park – green forest, rocks, animals (mostly squirrels and lizzards) and of course: the Dyje river which flows through the entire park. If you are ever in southern Moravia, be sure to visit this beautiful and calm area 🙂

On  the blogging site of my life, I decided to move my czech personal blog (HERE) from to a different server because of several reasons. Right now I am struggling with coming up with a good name of the “new-old” blog. I was thinking about something like “JittWorld”, but it doesn’t look really catchy and elegant and whatever… :-/ May I ask you, how did you came up with the name for your blog? It would really help me, because I feel as if I am running out of ideas 😀


On the working/studying site of my life, I was accepted at my faculty in the case of PhD studies + working on some of the projects, so I am happy that there is at least something I can do before I find a proper work. Today I am going to finish my CV and decide which companies I will send it to. Not only to the czech ones, but also to Sweden, Norway atc. It would be a nice experience if I work abroad for some time, don’t you think? 🙂

Well, enough for now! Have a nice weekend and enjoy summer 🙂

Yours Jitt 🙂


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