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My erasmus+ exchange is a history now, but it cannot stop me from talking about it, showing photos everywhere I go and still remembering all the nice places and people I met there. So please, let me share with you some of my pictures  and rememberings of the Cretan city of Chania.

Chania can be found in the western part of Crete. It is the second largest city. Interesting fact is that Chania had been the capital of Crete until 1977.

The big historical port was the part of the city that really caught my eye and that I imediatelly fell in love with. Clear blue waters of the sea pacefully flow through the area surrounded with old buildings, shops, cosy restaurants, walls, docks and two major monuments: mosque (which was transformed into a gallery) and a litehouse.

My visit of Chania was right after Christmas. There weren’t many tourists there. However, city streets were full of locals, because there was an event called SantaRun, so it was kind of uneasy to find someone not dressed as a Santa Claus 😀

I love Chaina, its crooked aisles, flowers in windows, history, long promenade near the seacoast and nice lively rush… All the lights that slowly go out one after another as the night keeps coming… And the mountains surrounding the south of Chania… 🙂

If you ever visit Chania, say there hello from me 🙂


Here is my short Chnia clip!


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