My little world

Hello again!

My dear readers,

I am back 🙂 Last time I wrote a proper article was in January – many and many things have happend and changed since then!

First of all, I successfully graduated at my university in Brno and I am an IT engineer now 🙂 It is not easy to describe how happy I am… It was a great reliefe after one year of working hard on my thesis and than learning for the state exam.

Spring has passed and summer is here 🙂 Did you enjoy spring? I did not go out as often as I wanted since I had to work on my master’s thesis, but I did a nice trip to the Lednice chateau and I also attended the Ignis Brunensis fireworks show here in Brno. Photos will surely come soon! 🙂


I also tried to create simple “vlogs” from my life and trips – here are two examples of what I made 😀

One of my university friends got married with his erasmus friends from Bolivia! It was the first wedding I have ever attended and it was great fun. I wish our couple all the good in this world 🙂


OK, that would be all for now, it is time to sleep 🙂 In the next article, there will be plenty of photos, so be sure to come 🙂

Have a nice summer!

Yours Jitt 🙂


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