My little world

As time goes…

Dear readers and followers,

how is it going in 2017 so far? Does this year seem better to you than the previous one? (Well, it is still in its beginning, I know…) 

I wanted to make a post about my trip to Chania here in Crete (yep, I am still there on my Erasmus+ exchange!), but I am not in the right mood somehow… Do you know those days when you feel weak, don’t want to do anything but sleep and maybe feel a little bit depressed? Well, this is my “today” now. So, please, take the following self-made-video-clip from Chania as a trailer for the upcoming post 🙂

However, I made some progress in my final diploma thesis, so I am not SO sad… 🙂

First two weeks of the new year were quite fine. Except the second day, when I “successfully” spilled my tea onto my laptop 😀 I was terrified, but everything went well after I dried the laptop properly. Well, I wouldn’t recommend doing something similar, it is NOT funny at all 😀

My Erasmus+ stay continues to be fine and I am really glad that I had decided to go. This week we visited the Historical museum and learned more about Heraklion and whole Crete as well. The weather is pretty nice, average temperature is arround 15°C, which is nice, especially in the middle of January 😀

….Sunset in Heraklion….

In one month I am going to finish my stay here and return back to my home country, to my friends, parents, university… I miss my friends, I long for their company and jokes… On the other hand, I think that I am going to miss Heraklion – all the streets, sea views, delicious food, my favourite spots, coffee shops, sitting near the sea on a rock letting the thoughts fly arround…

Now I want to share with you nice music compilations which I recetly found on youtube. They are all arranged so they express moods and feelings of particular month of the year or periods of day. Let’s give it a try! 🙂


Hmm, the evening came again… what should I do now? Maybe I will watch the final episode of Sherlock… Have you seen it yet? And what do you think about this adaptation of the famous criminal series? 🙂

Aaaaand, I should also add a few lines to my Erasmus-Diary… I have been writing my personal thoughts to one simple file on my PC for several years, but I decided to create a real paper-diary just about my Erasmus experience, so I try to write at least something each day in a notebook I got from the local Erasmus association. Do you write a diary? Every day or just sometimes or during travelling…? And what form of a diary do you prefer – electronic or paper one? 🙂


And there is also one thing I am sometimes thinking about… Maybe I will transfer my two blogs somewhere else from the platform I use now ( because after 10 years of using it I do not feel any change or progress there… I have to think it out properly before taking any action…

OK, OK, enough of my blablas! 😀 I wish you all a good day and I am looking forward to meeting you in my next post 😉

Yours Jitt


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