My little world

Farewell, 2016!

Time flies really quickly… and it seems to me that the older I am, the faster it flies. 😀 I can still remember the very first minutes of 2016 – I was in the city where I study, had a glass of cheap champaign and was enjoying the fireworks with my partner…

And now – whops, 2016 ended and brand new year with “2017” label is here! I wish this new year would be as great as the old one was…

In 2016 I have experienced many new things, saw plenty of new places, met interesting people from arround the world, tasted perfect meals and so on and so on… 2016 will stay in my memory as one of the best years in my life… 🙂

So, let me do a litle statistics and remembering now!



  • one week in Stockholm, Sweden
  • one week full of hiking trips in the High Tatras mountains in Slovakia
  • exploring of the Beskydy mountains in the Czech Republic
  • start of Erasmus+ in Heraklion, Crete, Greece 🙂


  • first flight completely alone (to Crete)
  • I did diving also – only in a deep swimmingpool, but I had all the usual equipment, so I guess it counts 😀
  • sauna visit in Hellasgården in Stockholm
  • I also tried portrait photography (with my friend) which I had been always worried about, but I liked it at the end 🙂
  • learned Haskell and Prolog (programming languages)


  • best plane-landing approach: Heraklion (Crete), September
  • best drink: hot chocolate with serrano cream (Outopia bar, Heraklion)
  • best meal: hmmm… this one is hard… maybe moussaka? Or that perfect roasted turkey from my partner’s grandma?
  • best cake: well… chocolate cupcake in EspressoHouse in Stockholm! And Ekmek Kataifi in Heraklion! And the pastel-de-nata cupcakes I made myself! 😀
  • best night: in Beskydy mountains where I captured my first photo of the Milky Way 🙂
  • best tourist-must-see: The Vasa Museum in Stockholm
  • best evening: in sauna in Hellasgården (Stockholm) – I felt comfortably warm and was enjoying the sunset and the dark sky with a rainbow over a lake…
  • best icecream: vanilla-cherry-pistachio box from COOP in Stockholm 😀
  • best city: Stockholm. I love that place.


  • foreign countries visited: 3 (Sweden, Greece, Slovakia)
  • flights taken: 3 (Prague <-> Stockholm, Vienna -> Heraklion)
  • mountains climbed: cca 6 (mainly in the High Tatras)
  • sleeping places: 8
  • photos taken: cca 2000
  • active blogs: 3


I have to say that I loved every one and each day of 2016. I lived an active life full of experiences, studying, experimenting, exploring, socialising and fun. And I honestly wish the 2017 would be at least as great as the last year was 🙂

And what next? Well, I am going to enjoy last 1.5 months on my Erasmus+ exchange, then I will return to the Czech Republic and work hard on my thesis, learn for the finals and hopefully graduate at the beginning of summer. And then… who knows? Work? Continuation with my studies on the Ph.D. level? Travelling? I will see 🙂

And how about your 2016? What was the best thing in that year for you? 🙂

Dear readers and followers, thank you so much for all of your visits, ratings, comments and inspiration! I wish you a merry and blessed new year! 🙂

Yours Jitt 🙂

P.S.: A post about the best pictures in 2016 is in progress 😉




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