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My beloved forest

I have spent most of my short life living in a small town surrounded by woods, meadows, fields and hills. When I was 20, I moved to a bigger city in order to study there on university. I also started travelling arround a little bit – and now I am enjoying my second month in Crete on erasmus.

However, there is still something which I miss no matter where in the world I currenty am. I am talking about a beautiful place near the town where I grew up: a forest.

I love that place – I could spend whole day wandering under trees, arround ponds which are there as well, listening to the whistling wind and singing birds, watching deer running nearby… Sometimes I even dress up in my elven cloak and pretend I am a hobbit on his way to adventures 🙂

I know this place since I was a little girl and I still return here as often as it is possible. I like it when I sit down near the pond, lean my back on the tree, watch the tiny waves on the water on thing about anything I want…

It is also a place which plays a big role in my photography, because this forest is a huge source of inspiration and motives for me.

And now: my pictures 😉




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