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Why do I blog?

You may not guess it but I started my "blogging-career" 10 years ago! That's a long time, isn't it? My first blog, which is still active, has been about the Lord of the Rings and everything connected with J.R.R.Tolkien for all that 10 years and I wish it will stay on the internet at least… Continue reading Why do I blog?

My little world

About Christmas

December will soon clap on our front doors and majority of us will start thinking about Christmas time, baking, presents, atc. (Or maybe many people are thinking about these things already, who knows?) Let's now stop the "witer-celebration-preparations" for a while and talk about the present appearance of Christmas itself. Do you like Christmas? Well, who… Continue reading About Christmas

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Pictures from High Tatras

Dear all, how are you? Does everything go the way you like and are you enjoying autumn? 🙂 The weather is still warm and sunny here in Crete - yesterday I was sitting near the sea and sunbathing a bit 😀 In this article I would like to show you some photos I made during… Continue reading Pictures from High Tatras