About this blog

What do you think?

Dear readers,

I created this blog only in order to test some things, to widen my “blogging knowledge” and to see, what is this WordPress about.

I already have two blogs, one for 10 years (about the Lord of the Rings) and the other for 8 years (about my life, photos, atc.) and this is why I am afraid that it will be impossible for me to manage third blog properly. 

So, what do would you recommend me to do? Leave this place and delete this blog? Or are there already any fans of this site who do not want me to leave? 😀

I was thinking about writing here short posts in english, just to see, if am I able to get any permanent readers from arround the world and not only from Czech republic and Slovakia. 🙂 Should I try it?

Well, I think I will think about this “little-important-issue” and let you know how I will decide 🙂

Have a nice day 🙂

Jitt 🙂


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